The best story in the world.... About life!

Teacher reniely albuquerque just needs to open a book so that the group feels like Pure joy. Students love to hear stories so much that, at the beginning of the semester, They created the reading chest project. However, the story that opened the activities Related to the project matched with a friend's birthday from the class. So the students Gathered to hear a story that is being told every day: about life.

Flávia lopes and ricardo miranda were responsible for telling the story of their son Rafael, a student of grouping I. This moment in which the parents report from the Moment the child is born to the current day is called the line of life. This activity Is the beginning of of the historical timelines understanding, taking as a first Reference the child's own history. today there is a lot of consumerism, valuing the Purchase of gifts, etc.But the line of life was not created with this purpose, but Rather to celebrate life. In addition, the child meets the time because she/he has the Opportunity to recognize the seasons and gets the notion that, to finish one year, the Earth complete its orbit around the sun. But the most beautiful is the celebration of Life, through the photos and rescue memories from birth to the age she/he is explains The coordinator of early childhood education, mônica gervasom.

The material is made of a four different colors circular rug, each one representing a Season of the year. In addition, there is a candle, which is in the center of the Circular carpet, and a globe, which remained in rafael's hands during the celebration. While rafael was walking around the carpet, wandering around the candle, his parents Presented to the rest of the class pictures of rafalel’s different ages, which, for The teacher this is the most awaited moment on the anniversary days in grouping during the line of life, children feel the happiness of celebrating that friend’s Life. For all of them and especially for the birthday child, the most important thing Is not the table with the cake or the decoration, but the moment of congratulations and The presentation of the photos. At this moment everyone turns their attention to the Child and there is a great desire for good things, positive energies for this friend. The first line of life happens in grouping I and it is reduced because the children are Smaller but there are numerous possibilities in a presentation. And for the parents This moment is very sentimental and nostalgic because they remember special moments Ends reniely.