Black, white and brown ... animals to be caressed!

The Kinder II group turned the curiosity for a group of animals into a reason to receive fluffy visitors. Through the project "Black, white and brown ... ops, where are the spotted ones?", Margareth Coldibeli”s students and the assistant Naira Martins chose to study about the animals that have fur and for sure they will have different sensory experiences, caressing hairy legs and ears.
The first visit to the project was from Skye, Isabella's little female dog, Teacher Margareth’s granddaughter. Accompanied by her mother, Nathália Coldibeli, Isabella presented to Kindergarten II students the little dog that, being a five-month- old puppy, needs special care. "As the dog was the first fur animal we studied, they brought Skye and showed them how to take care of a puppy. Then they presented objects such as food and water containers, showed the pet food, which is suitable for puppies, and toys.

Just like us, Skye uses the toys to scratch the teeth, which are beginning to grow. We have seen that human babies also do this. They also brought Skye’s bed and brush and the children saw that it has a lot of fur. So, it goes to the Pet Shop once a week, so its hair does not get meshed, "says the teacher. The student Valentina Furiati was delighted with the dog. "It was very cool. I've never seen a puppy of this breed before, because it has very a long soft hair. But I did not want to let Skye go, I wanted it to live with me, "says the student. For Isabella, the moment was important to encourage
everyone to like animals. "I always wanted to have a dog and at Christmas I was gifted with Skye. She is very messy, so much that she even ate my shoes box, but I still like to cuddle her, "concludes Isabella.

Touching to be touched.

The Sensorial area is part of the Montessori System and has as its principle the knowledge and relationship of the child with the environment in which he lives through the sense organs. Thus, the exploration of the real opens the paths of knowledge, there is the inner impulse for the knowledge of external things in a child, an impulse which, from acquired concepts, allows it to express judgments, opinions, analyzes of such accuracy, as If it had an internal unit of measure. "A project about animals with hairs is very natural in a kindergarten group, because they want to touch,
they want to feel. The project meets with Montessori at this point, because the child seeks the sensations and the contact with animals in the classroom contributes to this experience, "says the coordinator of Early Childhood Education, Mônica Gervason.