Celebreting one life, one story

On march 9th , the saci international school celebrated 53 years of foundation. And, according to the montessori philosophy, teachers and students gathered on the school grounds to carry out the school line of life.

In addition to the current school team, formed by luciana barros, bárbara pires, carla monks, heloísa lamha, mônica gervason, ramon itaborahy, lyla oliveira, marcella gervason, cristina calado, andreia lanini, walter pavão, maria josé oliveira and taís evanolli, the moment was attended by berenice machado and mariza dutra de moraes, one of the founders and first director of the saci school, respectively. "I think it makes a lot of difference.
They entered the classroom and had an informal chat in grouping I and ii, very fast. And it was curious, because in grouping ii with the teacher flavia (nascimento) rafaela milward was in the process of adapting her son and participated of the moment not only as a mother, but also as a former student of saci, so she thanked tia marisa, it was beautiful. Paulo, mrs. Berenice’s son, was one of the first class students, so it was really cool. And the line was a proposal that brought a greater awareness
On the part of the students and their presence brought a great emotion for everybody ", affirms the principal luciana.

Through the line of life the students learned a little more about the history of our school, from the foundation to the current day, and observed 53 years of change and curiosities. "I sang congratulations, ate cake and took a picture with the girls who told the story of saci", comments the student from grouíng ii, théo fernandes. "It was very cool. In the past years I haven’t remembered seeing the founders and it is nice to see who created the saci, to know, because the school is very good ", says the student from grouping iv, beatriz ribeiro. The finalization was with the traditional "Happy birthday song" and cake delivery.